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About Association

The Association of Producers of Geosynthetic Materials is a non-commercial organization founded in 2008 with the goal of defending the interests of manufacturers of geosynthetic materials.
At present, APGM unites enterprises producing various types of geosynthetics (road geonets, geogrids, geotextiles, geomembrances, and so on), enterprises producing specialized equipment, research organizations, and retail companies.

The Association of Producers of Geosynthetic Material’s main goals are:

  • Positioning geosynthetics as one of the most reliable, environmentally-friendly, and innovative technologies in the process of modernizing transportation and industrial infrastructure.
  •    Creating a stable channel (mechanism) to broadcast this position at a government level and to get this position onto the agenda for federal authorities that make decisions on infrastructure policy.
  •     Protecting the rights and lawful interests of the Association with state authorities and other organizations.
  •      Helping to realize a united technical policy in the area of surveying and planning roads and artificial environments.
  •      Helping to create a market relationship in the area of planning and surveying, and consulting.
  •     Raising the professional and business organisation level of Association members
  •     Providing Association members with technical information.
  •     Creating favorable conditions for producing and promoting high-quality, Russian-made geosynthetic materials on the market.
  •     APGM influence on the processes of change on the geosynthetic materials market, both within the Russian Federation and abroad.
  •     Creating favorable conditions for systematic research in the area of developing, producing, and implementing geosynthetic technologies in various sectors of the economy.
  •     Cooperation on creating competitive products and technologies for APGM members.
  •     Cooperation on creating a suitable and effective regulatory framework for the sector
  •     Cooperation on forming stable and growing demand for APGM members’ products.
  •     Cooperation on promoting, popularizing, and creating brand awareness of APGM member products.
  •     Increasing the dynamics of APGM members’ market expansion.
  •     Raising investment activity of interested organizations
  •      (including the state) in the sector
  •     Cooperation on creating a system of effective competitive advantages for APGM members in the sector.(Ira will you be so kind to clarify should we translate the whole text on the Association or just the highlight box?)

The Association’s business practice

  •     Quality programme.
  •     Technical support.
  •     Planning software.
  •     Provision of technical literature.
  •     PR

The Association of Producers of Geosynthetic Materials

APGM is an independent, non-governmental, non-commercial organization uniting on a voluntary basis producers of geosynthetic materials with planning and surveying organizations in the area of roads, independent of the type of ownership and governance.

The ‘RADO’ road pavement design programme
RADO is reinforced road pavement design of a strong, flexible type that utilizes geosynthetics. The programme is being developed with the support of ROSAVTODOR.
The RADO programme calculates based on road sector standard 218.046-01 and enlarges on road sector standard 1.1. for planning road surfacing for newly constructed roads and new sections of reconstructed roads.
The strength analysis meets the required reliability, meaning the nonfailure operating probability in the road surface’s interrepair period.

The programme allows the user to select the most efficient road surface with the criteria of minimal construction costs.

For detailed information about the programme, you may contact the Association directors.

Provision of technical literature
The Association of Producers of Geosynthetic Materials in conjunction with Rosavtodor and 26 research institutes has developed a range of methodological recommendations on using geosynthetics in the construction of road surfaces, technical roads, airfield objects, and in the military-industrial complex.
‘Guidance on building airfield footings and road surfaces with reinforced layers of geosynthetic materials of MORF’
Methodological recommendations on using polymer geonets to strengthen layers of road surfacing from particulate material. ODM 218.002-2008
The Association of Producers of Geosynthetic Materials in conjunction with BelGiproDor provide technical assistance and support on the following issues:
Quality programme:
Assistance in conducting plate-bearing tests of the subsoil and road surface- Work is done before and after the construction of the surface, with subsequent analysis of the resulting data. Such tests determine the strength and strain characteristics of the geosynthetics in use in the road surfacing.

Object monitoring:

Technical supervision of geosynthetic installation, because the geosynthetics will only function for the entire guarantee period if proper installation is observed.

Help from independent organizations:

The attraction of independent testing centers and laboratories to test products.

Legal assistance
The Rusconsult consulting company is a partner of the Association of Producers of Geosynthetic Materials on advancing legislation and provides legal support for projects and research organizations, construction companies, and manufacturers of materials for road construction.
Law enforcement practice in the area of construction is still being formulated, although the legal environment is being developed with a large number of differently-directed laws and regulations.
Marketing support for organizations within the Association of Producers of Geosynthetic Materials


  • Organizing and participating in joint seminars, exhibitions, and round tables.
  • Assistance in creating promotional trailers.
  • Assistance in organizing television advertising.

Advertising production:

  • Advertising on Association-branded merchandise
  • Assistance in developing and circulating individual advertising products for Association members

Mass media:

  • Publication in trade journals;
  • Newspapers;
  • Internet publications

Advertising on the Internet:

  • Advertising on the Association’s website
  • Assistance in creating websites for Association partners
  • Assistance in website promotion.